Digital technology has come a long way. Starting with the first computer as big as a room to modern smartphones that fit your palm. What has enabled the transition is the hardware evolution and human creativity to create meaningful softwares to ease manual labour. Starting from writing, sending letters, managing accounts, making music, photo-editing, you can do everything digitally. And if you thought you needed a computer for computing, think again.
The world of app development burst open in the last few years, with the launch of smartphones as Android and iOS platforms took mobile computing to new heights. From fun apps like Talking Tom Cat or Angry Birds to utility apps like Google Maps, Google Search or SEO, Gmail, Document Readers, Photo & Video Editors – the world of mobile apps is quite exhaustive. Popularity of mobile apps have got the big ticket software developers create mobile version of their desktop software e.g. MS Office, Photoshop, Nuendo. After all who wants to be left behind?
The rise of smartphone has also affected websites and e-commerce. The trend which started with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has spread all over the internet as surfing time on mobile continue to rise. Today web designers think about the mobile version first and then do web designs and logo creation. Branding as a concept has taken a new turn. Most e-commerce websites, the likes of Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba, are seeing a rise in their m-commerce returns, thanks to the app version for their websites. Today even corporation design their website to be mobile friendly. Google revolutionized the design language for mobile platform with their treatise on Material Design, releasing colour palettes for developers to work with. No doubt, it’s an event in itself!
Smartphone and mobile applications have opened a whole new world of consumer engagement. It has generated interesting touch points for the users to interact with their loved brands. This has created new facets in marketing and brand development. The first mover in this domain was Nike, which integrated a pedometer with Apple iPhone and measured how many steps you ran. An immensely successful technological intervention, it was a forerunner of what the futurists are calling a Connected World.
A revolution of technology around the globe has made app development simple. Today it’s hardly necessary to be in a limelight city like Toronto or Mississauga to develop an app or even to avail one. An expertise to develop is all what you need. As Internet connections get better, there will be rise in connected devices, and the mobile phone will be right in the middle of the revolution enabling devices to interact with each other. Honda’s Connected Cars mark the beginning!

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