Building A Brand For Your Business
A successful business is more than how it’s perceived externally and branding lies at the heart of every successful business. Designing and developing a core identity or persona for your business can bring it to life. If you’ve always wondered how to build a brand for your business, read on:
The Logo
A logo visually defines and shapes the brand. Your logo design should center around products or services offered by your business. Make it bold and distinctive and let it stand out in all its grandeur. Your logo should reflect – the brand, the mission, and the message.
Social Media Coverage
Using social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to interact with potential customers plays an important role in building a brand for your business. Content revolves around information catering to customers, posts on promotional product launches, and interactive user polls to mark trends of the seasons.
The avant garde of business branding, blogging can serve as interactive platform for presenting news, information related to your business, and general tips and guidelines for consumer convenience. A blog is like an online diary and nothing speaks clearer than a business diary journaling the building blocks and branding of a business. Blogging is one of the prime ways of building an online presence and truly making your brand unique.
The Habit Formulae
What makes a business go from good to great? It’s habit acquisition.
Claud C. Hopkins preached this throughout the frothy success of a minty concoction – Pepsodent. When building a brand, think about the purpose of the brand and how you can convince your clients to opt for your service. Center your business ideas based on the habit-loop principle:
Cue. Routine. Reward. The magic ingredient is in the craving.
The key towards sensational marketing lies in this – the basic premise of the habit-loop principle is to deliver products based on consumer demand or rather, marketing the product in a way that it meets the needs of consumer demand.
Good advertising campaigns are key to this and designing ads, making promotional videos and content that revolves around the fact that your product/service caters to a need or specific aspect of your target audience – is key.
Stellar Customer Service
Over 40 billion US dollars are lost every year due to poor customer service. Don’t be one of them. Focus on building long lasting customer relationships through great customer service, because at the end of the day – it leads to chain reactions which translate to exponential growth for your business.

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